Hassle free diagrams.

Stop wasting time drag-n-dropping diagrams yourself...
Turn code into beautiful diagrams and integrate it in one click.

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One click integrations

  • Notion
  • GitHub
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Google Suite
  • Altasian, Jira, and Confluence

No more clicking

Stop wasting time on low value and frustrating tasks. Focus on your ideas, let us do the dirty work.

Sharing is caring

Who has never taken a screenshots of a Google draw just to paste it in a doc somewhere?

With GraphUp sharing is simple, as it should be ❤️

It stays updated

Have you ever been that person who needs to update a diagram on a doc? Looking for the original file but finally re-creating it from scratch just for a typo?

Gone are those days, just update your graph directly from GraphUp and all integrations are automatically updated for you.


Because GraphUp works with raw data, you can generate and update diagrams right from your code in minutes.

Integrate GraphUp in your CI-CD pipeline and build rich documentations automatically.

Get your team to communicate faster

Give your team the right tools and watch them proactively document their work and improve cross-teams communication.

Diagrams are the common language that both your developers and products understand.

Accelerate onboardings

Get your newcomers up and ready faster. With visual explanations in your onboarding process your new requites will learn and integrate concepts much faster.

Reduce bus-factor

Enabling your team to write down information in way that feels natural and not constraint by a tool will change their habits.

The more people will share information, the more flexible your team becomes!