About GraphUp

GraphUp is an online diagram builder that let's you create all sorts of UML diagrams by writing code instead of using slow and frustrating apps like Power-Point or Google draw.

GraphUp is a modern alternative to those approaches that will transform the way you build graphs.

How to create diagrams?

With GraphUp you can build sequence diagrams and Gantt diagrams right from your browser using the free online editor.

If you'd like to build more diagrams please let us know!

How to integrate diagrams in Jira or Confluence?

GraphUp is perfectly integrated to Jira, Confluence, Notion, GitHub, and other tools you are already using.

Use the free online diagrams creator to build you graphs and copy a short url that you can use anywhere.

GraphUp an alternative to draw.io, Google Draw, or Lucidchart?

Yes! And unlike graphical tools, GraphUp frees you from the frustrating tasks of drag-n-dropping things around.

Simply write what you need in the graph builder and turn code into SVG images!

How to edit diagrams?

When you upgrade to a paid plan you can edit your diagrams right from GraphUp and have the changes automatically apply to Jira, Confluence, and any other places that use your diagrams.

How do I remove the watermark?

You can upgrade to a paid plan to remove the watermarks from your diagrams.